EOS 1v or CONTAX N1 to Bangkok ??

20 11 2008

If my friends are less troublesome and i am lucky enough, i will mostly go to Bangkok in Dec 13-16.Besides worrying about weather the tour will come true or not, there is another question for me now….. which camera should i bring for this trip ??? I will definitely bring film SLR, EOS 1v or CONTAX N1 ??



I will bring EF 17-40mm + Contax C/Y 85mm f1.4 if i take 1v, NOT 70-200mm f2.8IS and if it is N1,  it will be 50 f1.4 + 24-85mm, since i got 2 N lens only.

Which body should I bring ??? Anyway i must take GRD + 21mm converter.