Canon’s theory

18 01 2009

how many days passed since last post ? Well, better dun ask… it takes more time to think of this question, must be longer than i can complete this new post. Last time i talked about my plan to Thailand, however, i was finally visited Taipei. Bangkok Airport was occupied by local strikers for weeks and we had to re-plan. Not sure why we choose Taiwan but the tour was so nice, we all have fun. That’s enough, right ?!

I cannot understand Japanese people and their mentality until i have the tour. WHY ? What happened in the trip? Japanese follow rules and they apply it to everything they did.  It a philosophy; a culture that unique to Japan. I found two interesting things. Last time i am still worrying about which camera should i bring with me to the trip…….at the day before, i can make my decision very precisely: Canon EOS-1V. It was because when we talk about something serious, we cannot make any mistake, everthing must be so firm, under control and the most important thing is trustful.

One of the development core aim of Canon 1 series camera is trustful – you’ll never need to guess anything from the Camera, it gives you so solid control. Just believe it, what you see is what you get ~ 1v-048-rdp3-019a





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