The worst decision….

19 03 2010

“The worst decision is to take no decision"

if you ever did management study like me, this could be the first SOUNDS idea come to you.

So, how many worst decision have you made or making?


changes in 2009

5 02 2009

having two years “break", it’s time to review and think again.

the boss changed, the company status changed, the people will change, my life will change, my job will be changed too ? god knows

Whatever the changes are, I must go on my degree study plan (sorry, not master this time….i am a little worry if i take it now)

Whats more ?

i wish to shape myself… i need improvement, GANBATTE !

Canon’s theory

18 01 2009

how many days passed since last post ? Well, better dun ask… it takes more time to think of this question, must be longer than i can complete this new post. Last time i talked about my plan to Thailand, however, i was finally visited Taipei. Bangkok Airport was occupied by local strikers for weeks and we had to re-plan. Not sure why we choose Taiwan but the tour was so nice, we all have fun. That’s enough, right ?!

I cannot understand Japanese people and their mentality until i have the tour. WHY ? What happened in the trip? Japanese follow rules and they apply it to everything they did.  It a philosophy; a culture that unique to Japan. I found two interesting things. Last time i am still worrying about which camera should i bring with me to the trip…….at the day before, i can make my decision very precisely: Canon EOS-1V. It was because when we talk about something serious, we cannot make any mistake, everthing must be so firm, under control and the most important thing is trustful.

One of the development core aim of Canon 1 series camera is trustful – you’ll never need to guess anything from the Camera, it gives you so solid control. Just believe it, what you see is what you get ~ 1v-048-rdp3-019a

EOS 1v or CONTAX N1 to Bangkok ??

20 11 2008

If my friends are less troublesome and i am lucky enough, i will mostly go to Bangkok in Dec 13-16.Besides worrying about weather the tour will come true or not, there is another question for me now….. which camera should i bring for this trip ??? I will definitely bring film SLR, EOS 1v or CONTAX N1 ??



I will bring EF 17-40mm + Contax C/Y 85mm f1.4 if i take 1v, NOT 70-200mm f2.8IS and if it is N1,  it will be 50 f1.4 + 24-85mm, since i got 2 N lens only.

Which body should I bring ??? Anyway i must take GRD + 21mm converter.

a Church in Yuen Long

26 10 2008

My friend’s wedding will be on this Sat.
March-in here !


26 10 2008

GR1s/Venus 400/2007

Lightroom 2

26 10 2008

今日啱啱有時間, 就決心裝我想試好耐嘅Lightroom 2.0.

點解要等到我有時間呢,那是因為我要備份所有的相和最新的catalog file(*ircat). 越過…100GB架, 萬一/如果upgrade完個catalog 有咩事….咁就慘啦!

備份完所有嘢, 跟住就可以開始"無痛upgrade" 喇 ~

裝完後 LR2.0 就會問你係咪要load返之前個catalog, sure !其他嘢同舊版本的setting 佢基本上會自動載入 ,非常方便.

2.0 load catalog 嘅速度好似快過1.4, 增加了更多有用的功能, 更強照片組織和管理……相同的界面……正!